ये दिन याद रखोगे।

Please stand up for National Anthem

The year 2020 had cricketing anecdotes for being Fast and Furious. True to its 20-20 spirits we touched highest market capitalization of Stock Market on 14 Jan 20. Our Investments looked awesome and promising. Then The Crouching Tiger was hit by a Hidden Dragon called Covid19.

Many of us are searching for all those who wished us Happy New Year. For, this is the first time in recent memory, a “year” became so confusing in terms of Month, Week, Day and Time. Calendar, Academic, Financial and Religious Years are all looking for a reboot. What we have now is Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow. Jan’s 15% profit turned 0% in Feb and -20% in Mar 2020. What the hell?  

We confined everything around us with walls of pride and power of superiority all these times, now the nature forcefully jailed us with maximum uncertainty that one could imagine watching only movies like Conjuring, Final Destination and Friday, the 13th. Our NAV’s and CMP’s looked like zombies.

Switch of mobiles and sit tight

कितने आदमी थे? Nobody knows. Over the walls and seas Corona went. Hammered the top and dug up the bottom. We have seen more 6 yards in 60 days than in a year. The world looked like बिना हाथ वाला Thakur. Supply chain broken, earnings downgraded, stocks plummeting, NAV’s going south and with increasing job losses everywhere, Chaos have become the New Normal. None, including Warren Buffett could not fathom the magnitude of Covid19 carnage. People wanted to run away from improper asset allocation. DIY and Direct Investors wanted free advice too. I said “Sorry, I am Not Sorry”.


Last 10 days of Lockdown, which looked like 10 years in private jail taught us many new survival skills. It looked like how we carried a tub of popcorn and piping hot coffee between the seats of Inox theatre. We have seen 1000’s dying and 2500 Sensex points rise in a single day. We have been through the worst part of the movie. Now what’s left is drama or melodrama. Plot looked like Stepmom and Avengers End Game. Some will have tears rolling down and some will do dabs or floss at The End. Who stayed Invested with Additional Purchases and SIP increase will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Now that the pain is over, we were expecting some high voltage action. That is what happened in the last 5 Stock Market & Political sessions. It was Munich like precision and Zero Dark Thirty kind of execution by Wolf’s of the Wall Street and PM Narendra Modi. Many teddy Bears were crushed and the Bulls marched ahead. Some Investors sat on top the hill like Kaliya maintaining a Social distance only to be short by Sholey heroes.

It’s never too late to walk in to the action packed Market Movements. People who tried to outsmart the situation got burned. Ones who SIPped the entire time Got Value unlike the smarty’s who got stuck with Price.


Remember the Last scene of 3 Idiots?

The one who enjoyed every moment of life end’s up with maximum joy. So be like Ranchoddas Chanchad to reach Mr. Phunsukh Wangdu.

Add more SIP’s and make additional purchases to your present investments. People who are not buying now will ये दिन याद रखोगे।

© All the Beautiful Movies mentioned © Manish Ghadvi & NJ Team

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