Life Be Like A Christmas Tree 🎄, I Wish.

December brings in the count down to a forgettable and tumultuous year.

Will 2020 be remembered for isolation or self realisation? Time, Bills and Balance will probably compute that by mid of 2021, I suppose.

With the arrival of December, the world changes its attire to the most vibrant and colourful one.

Season of Christmas and New Year actually rings the bells louder than the past 11 months put together.

Immersing in the joyful breeze and music, I thought about penning about individual life and family that binds us all together.

My X-Mas Tree 🎄

Yesterday while putting up the X-Mas tree 🎄, I could see Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, Brown, Magenta, Silver, White, Rose, Yellow, Bronze and Violet coming alive and dancing to the wind of the fan above.

Life inside has to be as colourful as this and the one outside be as unique as the December snowflakes.

Snowflakes, they are unique.

The tree is also an epitome of patience and performance. After 11 months of hiatus ,ending the year with a superlative show of class and composure.

Learning from an unexpected quarter is most rewarding. If only we all could do the same in our life too.

Bells (Books & Candles)🤩

Our knowledge, health and wealth ought to be like this. Performing with such vigor that the audience are spellbound.

Tree symbolises Aayu, Apeksha, Jnanam, Sukh, Aishwarya, Pragya and Athma.

Tree is solution and ultimate guide. From Gurukul to Bhudha there is a Speaking Tree standing tall without voice.

All through the month of X-Mas, I am planning to learn, unlearn and reflect about what trees can contribute to our life from Ashanti to Shanti.

Candle (in the wind)

Being an entrepreneur, dreamer, family man and a wealth manager, you are most likely to find glimpses of my experience in those fields, mostly boring, laced in my writings.

I will be more than happy to accept any point I may have missed. Like I said, I am here to learn by unlearning.

Let’s Make Life Worth.

I, with my life partner Leena, business partner Roman and my kids wishes you and your family a season of faith, renewed hope, gratifying wealth and good health

Pine cone
Tree Top and Angel Gabriel
Candy Cane
Reindeer 🦌
Poinsettia, my fav.
Star of Bethlehem

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