Oops! I missed it again

There is always an invisible connection between your investments, stock market, and politics. It is not mandatory for every investor to know this link. However, ill-informed emotional decisions can ruin your purported wealth creation. As Investment Bankers, we do not have the luxury to ignore certain coordinates to the destination. The Pessimist may call it a “Final Destination”.

Our destination is all about wealth creation through unbelievable hardships. This article published today in the Times of India business page speaks about what happens to a non-believer of the Indian economy and it vindicates my stand.

End of the day only a few smart investors made the best out of it by investing and enhancing their SIPs in the last 60 days. The rest of the “VERY SMART” investors canceled SIP’s and darr ke mare withdrew investments.


Mature Indians are on a spending spree. The Buying Power of smartphones above 15,000 range has doubled in the last quarter. Looking at this data tells us that we have the willingness to invest in depreciating assets.

Have you done justice to your wealth creation by increasing your SIP’s along with your new smartphone?

Some “need to” and some “want to” have the latest gadgets coming up in the technological domain. What is actually required varies from person to person. But, a proper retirement planning for the future is a mandatory requirement which most neglect or procrastinate.

It’s never too late to start an investment along with a new phone.


Manufacturing and Mining are down. When the chips are down, should you run away or invest to reap the benefits? Why as an investor do we overlook economic slowdown as an eroder instead of a wealth builder?

I have always found that most people invest by looking at the past performance and stopping when they see the valuations are going south or are stagnant.

Patience has to prevail over the onslaught of economical upheaval and use that as value addition opportunities.

We have been preaching this and at times requesting you to trust Indian economy and financial setup. But very few heed to my calls.


After the budget presentation, most of the government has gone cold feet. At one point, we all had a feeling that this government has gone crazy with absolute inaction. This continued till 4th August and on the dawn of 5th Aug, when the Government rewrote history with absolute brute force; sending ripples down the corridors of national and international establishments.

There was a huge patriotism floating around. To everyone’s surprise, the cold feet wasn’t really cold instead it was a warming up. It was a precursor to the warm super charged boxing match. 

Today this article was a surprise amidst a call of the Industry’s captains and stakeholders for a meeting with the finance minister to stimulate limping economy back on a bullet track.


The week ahead could be a mixed bag. Brace for huge surprises.

Our intuitions say so.

Authored By

Yesudas Antony (Chief Investment Advisor) +91 9869927212

Roman Miranda (Senior Manager Business Development) +91 9969828224

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