Optimism – Opportunity – Openness

This wasn’t a write up or a blog idea. 40% of the content was an answer to one of my client who often believes other Financial Advisor’s and questions my stand and action with regards to Investment decisions taken by me. I am dyslexic, hence I often take the help of Leena for grammatical and wording errors and then I send it to Roma for “Missing Contents of Wealth Management”. She wrote back……

. Thus came the idea of penning it with more data and words in accordance with #WhimperingsOfaSteppingStone.

Underperformance of the Indian Equity Market was one of the best things that most of the retail investors missed. From SENSEX 41900 on 16Jan to 25900 on 23Mar to 34900 today.

Prashat Jain, Madhusudan Kela, Guy Spier, Neeraj Choksi, Nilesh Shah, Balasubramanian, Raamdeo Agarwal and many renowned Think Tank’s requested investors to increase SIP. Not even 1% of the investors actually thought about it.

Some sectors over performed and some not. 135bn people will not stop spending forever. When they start, we will touch Sensex 50000.

I am very sure of that happening sooner than later.

Market Outlook – Very Positive even if Nifty test’s 9750 again.
I will buy, buy and buy because India is Awesome.

Be it India-China or any situation, I remain strong and Patriotic.

Results – Not going to be good and will remain the same till Oct quarter results.
Things will change from Jan 21 and we will most likely feel FOMO.

I am so sorry to say, some people are still waiting to invest more.
Some are expecting Sensex to touch 25K again🤐.
Cheers to them for such optimism, I can’t complain.

The Price was attractive but we failed to see the Value.
Asset Allocation is the key.

Thanks to MARS investors, for your trust in our Portfolio Management and Funds Selection. We are now managing Rs. 5000 Cr and counting with a huge positive uptick vis-à-vis to the benchmark index.

I proposed and picked 11 companies on 24 Mar 2020 for my aggressive Equity Investors.
In that 9 outperformed and 2 performed, that too without doing any Trading and just sticking to Buying.

This is what Me and Roma believe. We practice too.

If you find sarcasm at some places, it’s just a reflection.

Roman Miranda (Sr Manager Investments & Insurance)

Yesudas Antony (CMD, Chief Investment Advisor)

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy

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