NEP 2020- The Mother Tongue Debate

Teacher – Parent – Teacher – Administrator – Thinker.
When all these are put together in one, You get a Teacher who Cares. Thank you so much for penning your heart for the all the teacher and students out there. You are awesome.

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

It has been four weeks since the NEP and the debate on its pros and cons has lost its momentum.

For most people the introduction of NEP which is in fact a 66 page document was through electronic media drafts or through whataspp messages.

Before I read the NEP draft in its entirety, I too dipped into the summary shared by newspapers. I couldn’t get past the second point which said that mother tongue would be the medium of instruction in Primary. I am still trying to get my head around it and making sense of how the same will be implemented practically in primary schools.

I am not a pessimist but a realistic optimist. Hence I visited the MHRD website and read the whole set of documents which detail the tedious process which started in January 2015. It was initially under late Shri TSR Subramanian who was a bureaucrat…

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