Art of Saving is a Painting You Get to Enjoy Yourself with Wow!

Dear Investor,

On the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri, I wish you health, wealth and happiness on behalf of my family, Roma, my Team and NJ India Invest.

We have 9 Days to Reflect What I Should Do to Where I Should be?
So I thought, I will write and inform you about one very important thing you must reflect on each day of Navratri.

Happy Navratri to one and all from Team Trackfinder-NJ

So it’s time for Lights-Camera-Action.

Day 1 – Ghastasthapana – Grey
Savings, a mountain to climb

We all know that saving means. It is the first thing that we learn as an earning member. Its is also the First Step to Welcome the Future. You must make sure a Min 40% of your Salary/income is saved in right instruments. Failure of this will lead to pain and distress in life. “Art of Saving is a painting you get to Enjoy yourself with Wow!”

Savings can be in MARS Conservative Fund, Traditional Investment Plans, PF and Liquid Funds.

Day 2 – Dwitiya – Orange
Investing, a pious action for the loved ones
Day 3 – Tritiya – White
Taking Risk, it is only for the brave
Day 4 – Chaturthi – Red
Asset Allocation , a universe that you need to master
Day 5 – Panchami – Sky Blue
Insurance, one that brings peace and prosperity into our homes
Day 6 – Sashti – Pink
Return on Wealth, a performance you must monitor
Day 7 – Saptami – Royal Blue
Stock Market, at times its dark and black but brighter at end
Day 8 – Ashtami – Yellow
Mistakes, forgive and move on to more peaceful ones
Day 9 – Ram Navami – Green
Legacy, bestowing prosperity to the next generation

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder
Founder & CMD
Trackfinder Financial Consultancy
+919969828224, +919869927212.

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