Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit

Wish you Navratri Festival Tritiya as bright and pure as White, may Goddess Chandraghanta give you strength to be all that you wanna be.

Day 3 – Tritiya – White

Taking Risk, It is Only for The Brave.

Last two days I wrote about savings and investments. Now time has come to address the most important, more so ever dreadful matter known as risk.

Risk is Not Linear, neither it is intangible. Risk exists all around us without we even being aware of  the magnitude of that unseen force. We realize it only when we are hit by it.

How do we contain risk?

How do we dodge risk?

How do we nullify risk?

You must understand that the destination is not the risk, but the path riddled with hurdles is.

Hold your breath and read the above 65 words again before going further down. Because……….

Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit With Complete Realisation and Without Changing Who You Are.

Step 1 – Pen down, your personal threshold of “The Loss” you can take in number terms.

Step 2 – Who will support and shoulder “The Loss” in case it happens.

Step 3 – Have you appointed a strategist and tactician to minimize risk?

If you think that Life is a cake walk, try moon walking like MJ. It teaches you  to be patient while taking risk and building wealth and a brand.

To Contain Risk, one has to protect the one exposed to it with adequate structuring. Cement your knowledge, erect the plinth of Insurance, Furnish home with assets and Install an iron grille of Mediclaim protection.

To Dodge Risk, stick with a Financial Advisor and a Wealth Management System which works like a Gyroscope.

To Nullify Risk, keep rebalancing according to the situation to be balanced all the time.

Happy Investing.

Average 20 times of your annual income is supposed to be your minimum Term Plan.

Average 10 Lakhs of Health Insurance for you and all family members is a must have to keep your wealth risk free.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

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