Asset Allocation, a Universe that You Need to Master.

Navratri Festival Day 4 – Chaturthi – Red
I hope you had an amazing three days of Puja.

On the 4th day of reflection, I am going to talk to you about your assets and its allocation matrix. Like I said in my first write up it is a small universe you can master with practice and patience.

Asset is Time in Solid Form.

Truly so, our parents have done it. Every other person you see across the street is knowingly or unknowingly doing it. It’s just that we do not take a deeper look at it.

From the first bowl of cereals by Mom to Granny’s dining table cutlery arrangements have it. Amma’s kitchen cabinet to our books shelf displays this. From your Newspaper sheet to every denomination of currency in the wallet shows this. Prescription of analgesic Paracetamol to Vitamin B Complex tablets carries this. Our Aircraft Carrier to Patrolling Vessels at sea uses this. Simple Paragliders to Rafael Fighters jets does have this in their wings.

Unfortunately our selective blindness to the obvious around makes learning difficult for us and we end up becoming sitting ducks.

We need to learn, how to act according to the situation rather than react to the situation unfolding in front of us. This is how you will stay ahead of the curve of pain.

By the way, all these gyan does not mean that Antony knows everything, makes no mistakes or he must be doing it day in and day out. So sorry, I must admit that, I do make mistakes. But I correct them faster than many. I fall, but I get up with renewed vigour. I never take Financial Losses to my heart.

All said and done, let’s turn Red Dress day to Red Letter Day of Wealth Management.

Chapter 1 = You should know what is your Return on Investments
Chapter 2 = Tag a Financial Goal to allocated asset/money
Chapter 3 = Restructure/Rebalance in profit and in loss too
Chapter 4 = Never go over weight on one asset class, Nothing permanently stays on the top.

Once you discuss all these 4 chapters with your family and us, you will be equipped with a strategy to allocate money in these broad sections. Contingency Fund, Provident Fund, Long Term Fund, Short Term Fund, Equity Fund and High Risk Fund.

All are not same. You are not supposed to put all eggs in the same basket, so goes the saying.

Happy Investing.

30 years old cannot invest like a 20 years old.
50 years old should not invest like a 40 years old one.
When you cross 60 the whole dynamics change.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder
Founder & CMD
Trackfinder Financial Consultancy

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