Stock Market, at Times it’s Dark and Black but Brighter at End.

To My Beloved Trackfinder Patrons,

Navratri Festival: Day 7 – Mahasaptami – Green

Greetings to you from all of us,

If I have to correlate the topic at hand with something that is from nature, then I would do it with, “those darkest clouds hiding some terrifying thunder and petrifying lightening”. That is what Stock Market is. However, do not forget the rain that pours soon after the show of the sky.  After the showers, you get to see Green Fields and Meadows resulting in replenished food stores and hearts. So will the Stocks be.

I do not wish to share technical’s here, instead some plain hard-hitting talks.

As an Investor our dilemma is, “when to enter and when to exit”. Stock Market movements are broadly classified in three categories: Bullish, Sideways or Bearish. It was, It is and It will be difficult for all of us, period.

Your Ego, Attitude and Knowledge determines, how you discuss, delete or dissect what’s important to you.

I walked into this maze of Graphs, Candles, Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, Short Selling, F&O, Tips, Long Term, Short Term and IPO in the year 2004 as part of IndiaBulls Team. I have seen people making money, incurring losses and getting stuck with companies unable to do anything. I have been there done that.

Apart from the blinking red, green and blue colours, trading bolts have plenty of hidden shades which have the ability to give you immense pleasure and excruciating pain. It has all the predatory qualities of a chameleon.

Time in the market is the only key, not timing. Nonetheless, timing is possible for those who have the temperament and patience.

If you start believing that Intra-day trading is the way to become rich, please spend the weekend searching for people who became one.

Between the ages of 11 to 65 Warren Buffett was a nobody and then we came to know that he is super rich. Yes, we missed the “Actual Journey” and started talking about his now famous riches.

A broker who travels by local train and earns ₹15K salary gives you tips about making you the next Ambani, I am not sure who is actually serious about the money here.

No free lunch in stock market. Holding Quality in Quantity gives you Dividends over above its Appreciation. So target min 5000 shares to start a sustainable portfolio with professional help, definitely not those Social Media Kings of Intra-day Futures and Options but the one that talks about Long Term Holding.

Buy when the same stocks falls again and again and again.

Again and again and again……….. Its boring though

Stock Market is your Knight in Shining Armour. You won’t realise this until you experience it. Stick to 10 companies for Long Term and keep 5 for short term. In real terms you cannot handle more than that.

Bottom Line:

If you think that “I Can Beat the Market” then you are living in fool’s paradise.

If you think that “I will buy low and sell high”, story remains same.

If you think that “I Know Everything”, take my words, you know nothing.

Pray to God to give you blessings to fulfil your needs. Nothing more.

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