Mistakes, Forgive and Move on to More Peaceful Ones

Good day Everyone,

Navratri Festival: Day 8 – Ashtami – Peacock Green

To Err Is Human.

Mistakes happen all the time. In our life, education, character, career, relationships and wealth we do mistakes with absolute disregard. Neither they are Peacock nor Green.

Mistakes never bothered me, but late realisation did. Not working on my intuition did. Not understanding hidden agenda of others did. At times people asked me to apologise, unapologetically I refused to apologise. Another time, when it wasn’t mine, still apologized and held everything together.

All the mistakes we do as investors, is the one that I wish to address. I have made them, that is why I am not in the Forbes list of wealthy people. You can reach there, if you are determined to.

You too have done it.

Good news is “We will Continue to Do it”, let’s face it.

“My Mistakes as well as Yours” is a never ending subject.

M1- Late Start

“I will start after some time”. Unfortunately this “some time” ends after 5 years of your earnings or in your early 30’s. An Investment of 15000 SIP in 2012 was good enough to create Rs. 3 Crore by 2035. Today you need Rs. 45000 SIP to reach the same amount same year. Loss of 8 years costs dearly.

M2 – My Parents did something for me.

Whose money is it anyway?

Siblings and parents are there to guide you, but taking charge of the money is your job. A professional who cannot be questioned is called “a relative”. Hence you could be jeopardising the holistic investment methods.

M3 – Too much of One thing gets you Nothing.

Holding multiple LIC policies for no reason. All savings in PF without understanding inflation. Gold is best, when you sell the depreciation is 20%. Cryptocurrency is future; legally investing in this is an offence. FD is safe, what you get is peanuts.

Actually your fall is written on the wall. Correct your course to better destinations before you sink to the bottom.

M4 – Who is my Advisor?

A clerk at the bank counter or a part time advisor is not contemporary. They give you what they are being told to by their seniors. No product knowledge or your goals they address.

This is like Frogs in the well. The world outside is much bigger and better.

M5 – You don’t like Me/Him/Her.

If it is painful, please, call off the relationship. It’s best for mutual benefits. Honey, it’s Your Money.

Find a better one and set the rules the way you want. Never compromise your comfort. You don’t like Antony, please move on. I won’t feel bad, instead I am learning about my mistakes with your help.

M6 – Rat Race

Depth of your pocket is known to you. Your friends or relatives pocket may not be the same. So, do what you can, not what others are doing. You are compromising your integrity due to ego.

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need” Warren Buffet.

M7 – Tips and Social Media

90% of the investment gets damaged or underperform due to your running for Freebies. This is cliché.

Why you want to make me rich over night?

Why aren’t you becoming one?

Two important questions which we refuse to ask. Common, be practical. No Prince is coming riding on horse. No treasure is waiting in a penny stock.

You have to move away from the regret and resentment of the mistakes that happened. There is a brighter tomorrow waiting for all of us. Learn today, to be prepared for tomorrow. Get rid of unwanted people and attachments in life. You should not spare me too.

One thing that I learned in my journey is to move on without hating anyone.  We correct all the mistakes but fill our heart with unreasonable greed, larger than life ego and cold blooded hatred.  What purpose would it do, if your inner self is still under the dark spell of negative energy?

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.

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