The Bulls of the Dalal Street have succumbed to the Bears

My dear Investor,

Last 24 hours all of us shared one simple yet powerful statement on all media available to us. “Let’s celebrate victory of good against evil.”

What transpired today is just the opposite.

The Bulls of the Dalal Street have succumbed to the Bear’s powerful onslaught. The people who lost their valuations to today’s carnage will be wondering about the futility of the festival greetings which is nothing but the magnificence of a paper town.

Being Greedy is an art very few understands

It’s very easy to quote Investing Philosopher Warren Buffett over coffee or a beer mugs. Then practicing the same is a huge task considering we have a volatile heart.  

Nifty & Sensex are down by 1.3%. Millions of rupees worth valuations have vanished. This was probably in the making. Economic activity and corporate earnings does not look good. Running Pharma and IT cannot stand up and speak for India without healthy participation of other sectors.

Pic Courtesy
Pic Courtesy

I am not an economist neither an astrologist. But my intuitions get stronger by every passing day.

Today’s fall of the broader market is triggered by Reliance Industry which cracked over 3.9%.

Guys Take a break and wait for better opportunity.

Pic Courtesy Bloomberg

 Action & Reaction

Tomorrow, 27 Oct 2020, is “One of Those Days” you must take “Some Time” to analyse the change happened in your Investments from 23 Oct 2020 closing. You will understand why I insisted on moving your Investments in Mutual Funds to MARS and hold cash in Stock Market.

MARS stands for Mutual Fund Automated Rebalancing System. Cash stands for opportunistic entry in to the Stock Market.

Most important factor in this kind of a portfolio management is to learn what rebalancing means?

Facts Informed.

If you are not “Balanced” then you cannot “Rebalance”.

Asset Allocation is the key. This is No Circus. Stay Calm, Stay Invested. Maintain Balance.

Don’t under invest, that amounts to negative valuations.

Pointers for You

1. Increase SIP to your maximum capacity.

2. Invest Lump Sum now in MARS Aggressive Portfolio.

3. Learn to book Profit and Loss in Stock Market.

4. Learn holistic wealth creation.

5. Talk to Roma.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.

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