Yatra Naryastu Pujyante- Where woman are honoured

You will become the breeze that wanna be a twister floating behind this amazing Miss. Bringing up good boys is the key to girls safety.

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

It all began with eve-teasing, a curse which has become part of every Indian girl’s life.

No one would have thought even in their wildest dreams, that it would spark an avalanche of incidents which changed this idyllic town of mine, forever.

I decided to settle down in this quaint little town, nestled between mountains, for its picturesque hillside setting and its vibrant populace.

I answered to an advertisement for a teaching post with little hopes. Who knew, they would choose a big- city girl over the local applicants. The moment I set my foot here, I fell for its charm. I willingly gave in to its spell, bought a little cottage overlooking a lake. From my window, I could see the dark green mountains beyond the lake.

It happened on a cold Friday evening. Sun was making a slow descend. The light of the day was slowly giving way…

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