Are you God Enough?

All Saints Day comes with mixed feelings from my childhood, adulthood and times of midlife crisis. When I write something outrageous, my journalist son quips “Papa, Are you going through a midlife crisis?”

Picture from Percy Vowles

Well, I am not. Its just that, I am more independent in my thoughts than I used to be a decade back. Today when I received the picture above, my mind flooded with thoughts of the changes that I prefer to see around me. Falsehood of humans and their societal presentation of being good.

“I said: You are Gods.” (Psalm 82:6) If we are living example of God according to the scriptures, then why are we not Godly? We seems to have forgotten the value of being righteous. Possession and craving for more materials have driven us to the edge of no return. I wasn’t any different.

Emphatically we are taught “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I wonder, if along with this, we were taught the need to be generous human beings than materialistic ones, half the problems of the world would have been negated.

We need to have clean thoughts like a clear windshield. Path ahead then, would be visible with clarity.

Keep a watch on the rearview mirror. Making sure none is left behind.

Keep stock of the knowledge of a spare tire and tow cables, which could be handy in emergencies.

These simple practices can manifest God in us. The collective aura we generate can light up the world.

Unfortunately we are running for nirvana in religion ignoring the religion of humanity.

I always felt that religion is the only business to which we prostrate without questioning it’s logic and authority.



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