Weekend Trekking Trails

Immersing myself in nature has rewarded me immensely.

On a mission

A week of dwelling in a clutter of computers, CRM’s and data crunching actually clogs the cells inside me. Then comes weekend to unwind all that amidst long grasses, puddles, dust, rocks and trekking trails.

They have often infused fresh enthusiasm in me to be a better version than the one yesterday.

What happens to me on a mountain trip is pretty hard to explain.

Every step I take to climb up reminds me of the path I crossed.

Every thought that crosses my mind reminds me of my team and their prayers for me.

Every breathless moment I face reminds me of the struggle that everyone goes through silently.

Every cautious step I take while climbing down reminds me of my profession as a Financial Advisor.

Every drop of water I drink panting reminds me of home and the walls of safety.

The Rock which held my love for a while
The Grass and Me are all same
V for Value

Picture courtesy Leena Mathew…….and she named it Chekkan’s Photoshoot.

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