Unlearn Before Its Too late

This interesting picture was shared by my classmate Annie Rogy, asking for befitting thoughts about the sculpture and its unknown creator. Its just that I was there on WhatsApp adding more screen time to my kitty, I thought to pen what I felt spontaneously.


When we are young, our inquisitiveness leads us to acquire knowledge in abundance. It flows in to us with brute force sculpturing us in to exciting human beings. Life is blooming.

As middle age walks in, most of us gain, lot of extra new age fat called arrogance and attitude. This not only makes us dark and sulky, but also nourishes the demon within. By the time we regain our consciousness from the trance we are in, we have lost considerable amount of time to our alter ego. Life is inflated.

Then comes the age of the wisdom, where we unlearn, undo and unclutter by chiseling our own extra weight. Life is lighter.

We all have to shed what we have accumulated as part of wants. Need will remain so will the life…

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