It’s Never Too Late, But Sometimes It Is…

I need to get out of my procrastination.” She said in between our animated conversation. I may have missed next couple of sentences owing to a pop-up in my head.

“Chekka, you are epitome of procrastination.” My better half has bitterly blurted out many a times. I always looked at her with a blank straight face whenever that was shot at me.

If your “savings” are enough to help you maintain your lifestyle going forward, you are not late.

If your “salary” is sufficient enough to enhance your life according to the unfolding circumstances, you are not late.

If your “pension” is perfect and retirement corpus is adequate, you are not late.

If your “other income” has a steady flow, you are not late.

If your “protection” is equal to the worth of your life for near and dear, you are not late.

Retirement Kitty for aged 35.

You can delay all investment decisions you probably should have taken, if all the above are as per your standards.

There are 3 simple stages of investing.

Joy of planning.

Joy of investing.

Joy of returns.

Remember, “A strong basket is more important than the fragile eggs you wish to carry.” Because you wouldn’t know which egg would hatch a hen.

Don’t think about that hen who laid golden eggs. It never happened. Our refrigerators and nearby chicken shops are examples of that.

In a span of 10 months, we have seen everything. Height of euphoria to depth of devastation and a ray of hope of recovery.

Long term investors enjoyed the circus played out by short term investors. One accumulated wealth and the other still searching for meaning and suitable situations to “Buy Low and Sell High.”

Start Investing. Under the guidance, you will grow better. Still thinking about managing your own investment portfolio?

Talk to me if you don’t find tail wind. I am always here.

4 responses to “It’s Never Too Late, But Sometimes It Is…”

  1. Very true…..
    It happens with almost every nxt person..

    Was it me who was talk in the opening line??


    1. Thank you Nisha, Walking with you in your quest for making it big. Stay long, stay on course.


  2. Cdr. Sanjay Somkumar ( Retd) avatar
    Cdr. Sanjay Somkumar ( Retd)

    Hi Antony. Kudos to a very reassuring outlook on ethical wealth creation. So there is hope after all and thanks to your inputs , true to my Taurean birthsign, I have also become BULLISH…….
    One regret though is that I should have met you earlier, so that I could have hung up my boots……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Taurian……… that is a huge connection. We will make it sir. One thing i am very sure is about the next generation. We should not let them work all their life, like we all have done.
      Stay blessed. may your words inspire a lot a people.


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