Te Amo Cadabra

Disturbing her when she is engrossed in her “Inconsistent Musings” world is something that I enjoy immensely.

“Chekkaaaaaa……can you just go please?”
“Copper, come and bite papa”

These are her usual utterances.

This time it was different. Probably she was Robert Galbraith, JK Rawlings pseudonym, crafting a new murder mystery.

She quietly accepted my invasion and took her mighty sword out to make an insertion on my bald head.

Few seconds later I realised that it wasn’t an insertion but an inscription, an artistic one at that.

A love emblem at the forefront and a Harry Potter scar “Avada Kedavra” at its place.

Had I not carried my mobile, I would have missed this beautiful moment.

Romance has gone too digital and material that it has lost the glorious analogical moments of life.

This amounts to PDA, then my moments can inspire people to get to cuddle up light up a beautiful moment in their life, it’s worth sharing.

Happy weekend.

One response to “Te Amo Cadabra”

  1. WhatsApp
    Jagdish Gagone

    देखो बाल थे तब ये काम करना मुश्किल था अब हट गये तो बेटे आसान हो गया😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    Thankyou so much Jagdish.


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