10 Signs That “You Are Not Enjoying The Journey Of Investing”

1. “Mutual Funds are Subject to Market Risk, Read the Offer Documents Carefully”…..and you believed it without reading or talking to a Financial Advisor. How naive?

2. Best funds from Google I selected. All Goes Up together and at times All Falls Down.

3. Every morning you check NAV forgetting to enjoy your tea, biscuits and newspaper. You should instead be doing that once in 15 days or a month.

“t” is the time you spend with your Financial Advisor and Funds

4. Asking your friends and neighbours, “Did your investments grow?”

5. Your investments show 15% CAGR, still thinking about “More” without learning to manage.

The Trackfinder-NJ Team

6. Your Mutual Funds have all sector funds and mostly in loss or just breaking even.

7. You have 5 Mutual Funds Apps and 3 News Apps to monitor your Investments.

8. You talk to AMC customer care & Bank clerks to find out what’s going on and what should be done now.

Serving the Nation with Pride.

9. You get panic attacks on expense ratios and Demat Account charges.

10. Your short term is 30 days instead of 3 years. Your long term is 12 months instead of 10 years.

Bottom Line is, you expect your funds to grow in a bearish market as well as in bullish one, when you are with an advisor. However you do not question the AMC CC or the clerks because you know that they don’t treat you the way an advisor do.

Investing in Mutual Funds are Wealth Creation and not to be considered as Savings. Hence stop expecting circus.

One response to “10 Signs That “You Are Not Enjoying The Journey Of Investing””

  1. Good that I’m not following anyone else other that you then…I like my things simple… people really need to trust their advisors more…and need to really have more patience with Mutual Funds.
    All power to you and Roma🔥 Let’s grow together

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