“Muhurat Trading” – The First Step Is The Most Important One.

Samvat 2076 to Samvat 2077- What significant change came in your life?

Muhurat means – an auspicious time for an “enterprise to begin”.
Enterprise means – “a project or undertaking”, especially a bold or complex one.

Happy Deepawali

In simple language it is a personal event or a promise you make to yourself to start something anew or give a boost to the one you already started in the yesteryears.

Unfortunately, what I have seen is, like the Independence Day and Children’s Day, Muhurat Trading and Dhanteras loses its sheen in about 7 days from now.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it in to practice” so said Anton Chekhov.

If you start something today, make it a point that you have the guts to carry it all along in bad times as well as in good times. Be it Wealth, Health or Happiness, you have to be with it all the times.

Invest your time and attitude in all. Don’t expect anything to be served on a platter.
An “X” Company’s Share or Mutual Funds you took today should not become a pain in the coming days forcing you to change to “Y”. A Good Start is Half Done, so goes the saying.

Be mindful of the decisions you make today. Let there be no regrets tomorrow.

One of the Sadhguru’s quotes is very relevant here:
“Discipline does not mean control. Discipline means, having the sense to do exactly what is needed”
Basically, you cannot control these:
1. Interest Fluctuations
2. NAV and Price of Shares
3. GDP and Economy
4. Politics and Act of God
5. Emotions and Comments

Financial Planning

Sense of doing these right things are in your control.
1. Not taking all emotions and comments of others seriously.
2. Politicians and God have a mind of their own, leave it to them to do the right for you when they feel it is the right time.
3. Be Local and Vocal so the economy and GDP grows for you.
4. Leave NAV to Fund managers and Share Price to intra-day traders. You think about only the value.
5. You are not the RBI Governor or Economic advisor. No one stopped you from looking for better opportunities.

End of the day, make Muhurat be the one that starts a journey of wealth, health and happiness creation and not the end of it.

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