Devil Who Believed In God.

This was originally written on 15 Nov 2015. A Facebook post, probably after the festivities at that time.

Why the nomenclature Devil?

Few years back, an incident involving Mumbai’s Santacruz Convent Mother Superior and me earned me that name. After an altercation and unflinching stance I took on certain issues, She said; “He is a Devil.” Thus I started loving the shades of a Good Devil in me. Deep down I always believed that God in all forms loved me as what I am.

The human being in me believes in the spirit of God. Point be noted My Lord, it’s not just Jesus.
God is bigger than Jesus, Allah and Krishna combined.

God exists around us. He is in our Job, Company, Books, Kids, Parents, Teachers, Machinery, Clients, Food and Water. The investments to materials we own has his omnipresence . The air we breathe has God in it.

Prayers are just a direction. Our deeds are the path to Him. Our soul is the actual representation of Almighty. Brighter the illumination of our soul, better the altar of God.

The lack of God in us can bring prolonged sadness, illness, rudeness, illiteracy, curse, hunger and death. Holding Him for all our wants is the embodiment of Satan in us.

Once our own Vivekananda said,
“We don’t study about darkness, devil and fools. Instead we study the opposite.”

The search for God starts when you ask these stupid questions to yourself.
Why there are only 24 hours?
Why do we age?
Why antibiotics?
Why we don’t have wings?
Why we cannot breath underwater?

Gods and Lessergods coexist among us.
The inquisitive mind finds God faster than a doubtful one.

Changing prayer to philanthropy, parenting, partnership and pushing other to greater heights will build more aura around us.

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