Doing It Differently

It was an hour and a half long drive. Doing business on a public holiday is an amazing experience.

Trafic free roads takes you to a home full of people, enthusiastically waiting to hear what difference I will be making in their life.

After a warm welcome and niceties my eyes fell on the desk top CPU. Majestically perched atop the table with colour evolving LED’s in it.

CPU with Lightings

Next 10 min our conversation revolved around the Graphic Cards, Liquid Cooling, SSD’s and New Age Technology.

What I learnt from these two youngsters are, thinking differently and making use of the best around us.

Majestic Avatar

The day also made me witness an act of generosity and concern for others from these two youngsters. A gentleman par excellence. Exemplary hospitality.

Felt proud to have met them. The palpable humbleness floating around the home of this Odisha family was worth experiencing.

With success, if arrogance and attitude creeps in, then it cannot be success, it will become the first step to undoing yourself.

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