Bit By Bit Getting Fit.

Walk a mile a day keep the smile awake. My Mantra.

Miles to go before I find some good sleep.

Last business meeting sprung a surprise like that. My young client asked me out of the blue “Sir, What is your age?”

I said: “Take a wild guess!”

The answer was a ROFL moment. He generously cut my age by 15 years. None in the room could stop laughing when I declared my actual age.

The young clients whom I meet, takes note of the fitness level I keep. Whatever they comment on after noticing my energy level and enthusiasm is a mark of respect, I probably earned.

80% of my health belongs to Leena. Rest 20% I let go in indulgence. I am not competing with anyone, so I can do a bit of off the track stunts.

Climber Plant which speaks volumes of determination.

Compliments can do wonders. Especially when you get it from the most unexpected people.

Walking is not just for weight loss, it can be converted into an amazing workshop for innovative ideas.

Fitness is not just beefing up your muscles. It is something which contributes to your holistic persona which in turns brightens your aura. It must serve as a motivation to hit the gym or the roads.

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