When Nature Stopped My Walk & Demanded Attention

My business at BSEL near Inorbit mall, Vashi, got ovee at half past 10. Lady at the counter looked at the transaction forms I was holding and said;

“You have to submit these at Vashi Plaza, C-Wing. It is just across the Mumbai – Pune highway.”

Google said it’s about 700 meters. Walking down the street, I was mostly enjoying the plants besides the pavement.

Many people must have walked past me. I can’t recall any but one. A girl wearing a peach frock. Everything else that caught my attention was different shades and forms of green leaves and flowers.

At the corner of road this flower caught my attention. Gracefully dancing to the wind blown by the non-stop traffic nearby.

When I reached my destination, the area was again filled with outdoor plants. These two buds stopped me yet again.

Last few months of frequenting Sahayadri Hills seems to have inculcated a habit in me to take note of the nature and receive it’s positive vibrations. Thanks to nature paparazzi Leena.

Loving this new habit.

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