Find Yourself, Because The Wealth Is Inside You

Levitating with invisible wings

Sundays are meant for finding the inner you. I started enjoying this exercise with Leena since August. When you put on your best shoes and walk in to the uncharted territories, you are going to give life to your dream’s

Trekking to Karanjade Hills had been one of the most rejuvenating experiences of late. The bright hues and rocky terrains helps clear a lot of blockages in my hyper active brain.

Call from above.

I dump all the clutter in my head there among the flora and fauna and come back home as the best version of me.

Balancing act

Take a walk in to the forest and you will find yourself, the biggest wealth is hidden inside you. Your weekend conversations with nature can chart a beautiful week ahead.

Caressed by calmness

All pictures are by Leena.

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