High Return Comes With High Risk.

High Return Comes With High Risk.
This paradox is achievable with practice and trust in a system. It is not a natural ability, it’s always developed with the help of a team.

Today’s Stock Markets fall has devalued investors wealth by more than Rs. 2 Lakh Crores.

Sensex Today. © ET Market

This devastating effects made more than 200 companies hit a lower circuit. Foreign Investors bought and the Domestic ones sold.

It looks like a case of Price taking a break allowing Value to catch up with it. People paid price for unreasonable valuations.

NSE Indices which bled

The Trackfinder-NJ Team who works tirelessly for you 24×7 makes it point that you are at peace.
While you are engaged in your personal and professional life, we are crunching the numbers to make sure that you always grow irrespective of the market conditions.

This working style may not be a plain vanilla one.

It’s often complicated and only understood when the volatility hits the stock market.

Today’s movement in the Market is a classic example of that.
Sensex touched it’s all time high, then ended up with – 695 point down.

In reality the market has come down 997 points from top.

People who tried to time the market are the ones who often gets hit by such cyclonic phenomenon of rise and fall.

Bottom line is you cannot time the market.
Stick to basic principles and stay invested in MARS.

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