Thoughts From Thirteen, Though 7 Years Old, It Still Holds.

“Change me not but change for good
Spoil me not but spoil my bad
Prayers that gloss my lips
Never for me but all
Curse me with night but I will wish you day
Light is far in my tunnel but
I promise you nay darkness
Pain is my companion but I share none
Life turns and every turn is a teacher.”

I don’t remember the reason for penning this. Most likely something akin to the Cyclone Nivar of Puducherry. Adapting change in life was easier, but a changing my Emotional Quotient was difficult.

A Facebook Post with a spelling mistake (Prayers)

On and off I was hurt, abused and on innumerable occasions got stamped with expletives by near and dear. I only requested them to do more as they found joy in doing so.

Countless Hardships

Flexibility to change was always voluntarily nurtured inside me. But I was always hostile to forceful alterations. I wanted space, taking the hardship on my shoulder never bothered me. By the grace of God, I had the strength.

Keep the momentum of personal growth on. Walk with all the pain, let the pain feel ashamed of being with you for no results it can boast of.

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