Thanks Giving is the Longest Journey – A Receiver to A Giver.

God must be seriously busy today. The whole of Europe is giving thanks to Him for being with them. Billion dollar question is how?

At a very young age we were taught to Give more and expect to Receive less. My Amma was a proponent of philanthropy. She had lot of things to give away to the needy in and around her family.

Christina John, My Amma.

She was a legend when it came to spending time with relatives. Before I go off the track, let me get back to the subject in hand.

Thanks Giving is supposed to be more than just Roasted Turkey, Wine and Family get-together. It’s time to redefine who should be thanked and for what ?

All I want now in my life is to have a huge debit side than a credit side. Give more and receive less. Take no credit, give it all up for the people around me. Square off everything that I owe to people.

Make generosity and philanthropy as my synonyms. Work hard to make others life better. Push up more people to better places from their present pedestal. Make every cynicism and critisism as a compliment move a forward. Never stop, never wilt, never buckle, never implode.

I am thankful to a host of people and things around. Apart from this ‘grace’ we say everyday at the dining table, I have a lot to thank for what I have.

Thank you God for the food before us.

Thank you God for the family besides us.

Thank you God for the shelter around us.

Thank you God for the love between us.

To all those teachers who stood tirelessly in the classroom teaching me.

To all the clients and their 2nd and 3rd generation ones who trusted me with their money.

To all those who loved me unconditionally and to those who hated me for lot of reasons.

To my business partner and all the associates who stood by me in thick and thin.

To all the colourful pens and gadgets which always functioned when I needed them the most .

To my intuitions and hunches which always came from nowhere to help me stand tall amidst the equals.

Last but not the least, to all those beautiful people who came into my life and made a huge difference.

Signing off with a gratitude overflowing heart.

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