Indispensable to Disposable is the Shortest Journey

Relationships are methodical madness. We create, we destroy at will.

This is not to be construed as a relationship advice. Well, it is neither a no relationship advice too. It is the malfunctions of my brain derived out of situations I name as whimperings of a stepping stone.

Last 12 months had given me unforgettable memories and experiences. Forget about them and “Move On”, self proclaimed wise people said to me. Yeah, yeah, I am on the move.


True to the infographic, 2🖕🏼20 gave me enough of middle finger moments to last a lifetime. In other words, plenty to write about.

My prognostications about what could be in store for me was stronger than ever before. On the eve of the New Year, sitting at Church, I penned my resolution. Be as blunt as possible.

2020 Resolutions

The inkling I had then sent shock waves down my fragile heart causing butterflies in my stomach. It was quite unnerving, then I braced for sailing with no tail wind and following the sea. Tempest was a constant companion all through the year.

The year brought me closer to none. But my family came closer to me. An unseen spirit was guarding the candle in the wind from extinguishing.

Eleven months helped me drop a lot of people, mostly near and dear ones, from my life. But no bitterness or hard feelings. Just walked away from them. Let the remaining goodness survive in hibernation.

Many of these things happened around me have lot to do with my own doing. I did hurt a lot of people with my words. Yeah, I am confessing, no qualms about it either.

I don’t regret any of them, most of them were naked truth that came out at the heat of the moment. It was plain speaking with no holds barred.

At the fag end of the year and facing a new one, I can, as always, proudly say that I never did any character assassination, personal mud slinging, or tried to stomp them under my feet.

I found my mojo, I know who I am. I am not waiting for comeuppance. Neither am I in convalescence. I am not poisonous, neither I am all those expletives thrown at me.

Here I am, a father, chekkan, boss, business partner, kiddo, chettan and at times fool sitting in front of the screen trying to hide tears appearing ony cheeks.

Will usher in a beautiful year, no matter what.

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