Appreciation, Feel The Spark Within When You Give.

“Why do you appreciate me for even the smallest of things that I do?” She said with a coy blush.

“Am I not supposed to? Appreciation and criticism comes pretty much natural to me.”

With an amusement written all over her face, she said, “You have been appreciating me for what I have done for myself. That in my opinion doesn’t warrent good words or a pat.”

“Okay, point noted. Do you appreciate your subordinates?”

“Oh no! I don’t do that, mostly because, if I do so, they may lose respect and start loose talks with me.”

We both burst out laughing on this candid admission of apprehension.

Appreciating people for their work can be a daunting task. Smaller the work bigger the difficulty level.

Street Drawings

Most of the time this happens not because we do not notice the efforts, creativity or that out-of-the-box workmanship in them, it is our upbringing and quality of education which wind us to petty thinking.

By giving away a generous piece of appreciation, people feel like losing something which is their own.

Many, most of the time our kith and kin, conveniently ignore the creative work in front of them.

Is it a “sore grapes” syndrome? Or is it “why should I add value to them” frugal attitude?

About a month back, I happened to pen a comment on a child’s post by a parent on Facebook. The very next day I received many requests for a comment from many parents.

I remember instances in my life when I craved for it. At times, like a fool I even begged. Now I feel terrible thinking about it. Probably one of the very low points of my creative life.

Peacock 🦚 by a street artist

This art was by an unknown artist on a flyover construction concrete slab, placed on the Khandeshwar bridge.

I couldn’t walk past without noticing the artist’s sketches. The flow looked rugged. Curves a bit craggy. Overall a good work.

Picture by my workout partner Leena

While returning from the walk, I walked up to the drawing and penned my words to the artist.

Appreciate when you can,
For you do not know when it returns.
Do it now and forever
For you do not know when it returns

Never go home with compliments unsaid.

Never go home with compliments unsaid.

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