Two Turtle Doves: The Testament of Wealth Creation.

2nd Day of Christmas

Two turtle doves: this refers to the Old and New Testaments of Christian beliefs popularly known as Bible. According to the statistics, the most sold book of the world.

Turtle Doves also represent Love, Purity, Togetherness and Innocence.
In the Christmas song this comes as 2nd Day of Christmas which falls on 26th Dec. In some part of the world it is called Boxing Day.

Turtle Doves

Today I wish to address one of the most important aspect of wealth creation. Like Turtle Doves, one must have Love for staying together for long in the process of wealth creation.

It’s not a 100mtr sprint, it’s a marathon. They joy of marathon is not participating, it is completing the distance and standing on the podium with a smile on your face. That Victorious Smile is a result of months of running on the streets before the actual event.

Wealth is also like that….. Its takes time.
Warren Buffett got is right at the age of 65.

His “Practice” between the age of 14 to 65 is often forgotten.

So don’t rush, have patience. You get plenty of opportunities to average and accumulate.

A = P (1 + r/n)nt

The above statement by Albert Einstein was not initially received well by the world. Then it slowly unfolded the magic of compounding and Long Term Wealth Creation.

Turtle 🐢 won the race by patiently staying on track. If you add Dove, the perennial symbol of love, to it, and stay on track together for long, wealth will love you back with innocence and purity.

I am sharing an experiment I did with my own Investment. Phinnaeus was just 3 years old and Reliance AMC, presently known as Nippon India, launched an NFO. Came with lots of fanfare and promises. Unfortunately, Stock Market took a turn for the worst and went under the bearish regime. Small Cap Index had a prolonged bleeding. This fund, in my case stayed in negative return for over 32 months.

Phond was 6 then. I had 12 more years of investing left. So not only I stayed, but also asked many of my clients to stay put.
The result is here.

Patience Paid Off

Two Turtle Doves is a character worth practicing. Unbox the wealth inside you with love and patience, you will find the wealth around you glowing with enhanced radiance and growing exponentially.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas”
Verse 2 of the Song.
On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Two turtle doves, and
A partridge in a pear tree

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