X-Mas & Investments, Three French Hens: Faith, Hope and Love.

Can you imagine a world without Love, Hope and Faith? I asked my younger son Phinnaeus (13). His repartee was.

“Everyone will be looking dull, no one will care for no one.”

He doesn’t know what I am writing, he is in his own world.
A child’s thoughts and words are messages in its purest form.

3 French Hens in 1 Frame

The 3rd Verse of the Christmas song that I am discussing about is
“On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, Three French Hens……
They represent Faith, Hope and Love. Surprisingly all three are integral part of our life and we live by it.

When it comes me as an Investment Advisor, I work on the principles of all them and more. As a professional, I wish to address, why they are important to all of us as investors and individuals.

I had the privilege to walk in to thousands of households and become part of their dreams, happiness and pain.

They often said to me and Roma, “If only I had met someone like you guys when I started earning.” I often tell them “We can’t turn back the time, instead we should strive to make use of the time we have, to it’s best potential”.

Love is one that multiplies everytime you give it to someone. The more you love the more you are loved back. Love is multidimensional. It is a intangible asset class we crave to have all our life.
Can wealth help us love more? Spirituality, many will disagree with me, but practically, you sure will.
Wealth Creation is a Love Affair every individual must have close to their heart. If you disagree, try sharing a loaf of bread to a hungry person, you will witness love blooming in their eyes and getting filled in your heart.

Love, Mother’s Gift.

It is one of the biggest magic we can experience in our life. “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” that’s how it plays in our daily life. Hope sometimes have hopelessly small shelf-life. This is often due to the high expectations and misunderstanding of risk associated with hope. High Hopes are the reasons for people to lose money in investing and while saving. When your head is filled with high hopes, make sure that your shoulder are strong enough to take the burden of it too.

Hope, Every Step Should Have.

As an Indian, this is one subject that doesn’t require an elaborate explanation. Faith is something that we believe in without seeing . Frankly, this is a fact that drives us every single day.
Should you have blind faith?
Sometimes it is worth it. Sometimes it is not. Be it personal, business, career or Investments we always have mixed results.
End of the day,this is something that I can’t teach you, it has to be developed.

Faith, We have it between us.

The reason for writing this is, I wish you to have Three French Hens in your life so that you can live happily ever after.

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9 More 2 Go!……

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