Newspaper, Tea and Sports Page

I was on my evening stroll when I spotted this gentleman sitting on the footpath completely engrossed in a newspaper.

Newspaper, a man’s muse

Turned around and clicked a picture. Then walked back to take couple of more. The surroundings did not seem to interfere with his interest in the article that he was engrossed in.

I have fond memories from childhood about those anxious moments just waiting for the bells of the newspaper man at home.

Rituals that most newspaper readers follow are more or less same.

a) Smelling the freshness of the inked paper.

b) Turn to last page for sports. Then to page 2 & 3 for local

c) Front page news and then the editorial. This section, I often read few paragraphs of the story and move on to the next one.

Newspapers in digital format outnumber printed ones. Future looks bleak as for printing news.

Authenticity of the “News” is also lost in the race for TRP numbers. Clicks and Visits to these news pages are more valued than the actual news that they publish. My son is going to be a journalist, a new age one in all probability.

I remain old school. Newspaper fills my beginning of the day with lots of positive vibes. Hope it remains so until I breath my last.

With lots of respect….

He flooded me with lots of positive energy. Thank you, stranger on the footpath

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