Count Your Seven Gifts on the 7th Day of Christmas.

“On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Seven Swans A-Swimming”
This verse of the song represents the “Seven Gifts of God”.

Yes, we all have those wonderful gifts within and around us. I can probably count 7000 Gifts in that order. If I have to summarise them to 7, that’s kind of crazy job. Still going to do it anyway.

  1. My Birth as son of Christina. Nothing is as great a gift as that.
  2. I am still happily alive. So happy to talk to you.
  3. My extended family, siblings, wife and my kids.
  4. Cravings for knowledge and sharing them.
  5. My business, partners, clients and the trust reposed in me.
  6. A malfunctioning entrepreneurial brain.
  7. My intuitions and ability to think clearly and help as many people as possible.

Count the blessings, nothing is as beautiful as watching the Sunrise and Sunset with few morsels in our stomach, happiness in our eyes and contentment in our minds.


Good Thing! Bad Thing!
Who Knows?

While we are winding up our life in an infamous 2020 to welcome 2021, remember, you are a winner.

Your blessings are countless, share it. Your happiness is contagious, share it. Your life is worthy, share it. Your knowledge is awesome, share it. You earned well, share it.

You may pen down your 7-Fold Gifts. Share them to me too. Who Knows, you may be the most wanted inspiration I was always searching for.

Don’t forget to comment on what you liked and what you disliked. You are my guiding light to the end of tunnel. I will never see darkness when you are with me.

Thank you so much for reading.

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