Temptation, A Tempest In Our Heart.

Failure is the loudest silence an individual hears when he falls into it.

Personal disasters can lead us into temptations forcing our hand to do extremely diverse and unexpected things. The noiseless cling-clang inside us can turn on our multiple personalities swinging wildly between vicious, aggressive or sober.

I look at all my misfirings as an act of the Devil who impersonated me. It is an intrusion of personal space by an invisible force. I have seen many shades of the same in me. I have seen the same emanating from others. The brute force with which it comes out can surprise you. Temptation after a fiasco can be nothing less than a tempest.

Many a times we end up on the dirty side of a deal which we thought, was God sent. Be it personal, emotional or material, we feel terrible at the fall we faced. This can’t be happening to me. It is beyond my wildest imagination. Why can’t I expect a little more? I always found this precarious situation a creation of my own devilish multiple personality. It dwells in all of us.

When I retire into my convalescence and start analysing, I end up noticing some conspicuous factors which stood out defining my iniquities.

Low Confidence
Lack of Planning
Hidden Facts and Secrets
I, me, myself Nature
Fear of Sharing
Below par Self Esteem
Unknown Support Team
Unclear Vision
So so Knowledge.

Temptation often leads youngsters to experiment, trial leads to failure and fall pushes for one more chance at the adventure. This is a chain reaction. Unleashing the tempest can be not only dangerous for the heart but also shakes the whole foundation of your life.

Devil wears temptation that is casting a spell on you. The best ways to identify and eliminate such future threatening dilemma is to nip the evil in the bud.

Most important thing is to Open up. Creating a blueprint and a vanilla vision. Learn to trust your instincts.
Promote entrepreneurial thoughts. Share your success with cheers. Be philanthropic.

Talk to yourself. Be aggressive but not towards your own breaking point. Mellow down, but not to a point of no energy to move up.

Don’t let your feeble self govern you. Take charge to the slumbering strength.

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