Dreams To Wake Up With

Good portion of yesterday’s evening I spent looking at the rain and lightning at the South West end of my balcony. Twilight was slowly getting overshadowed by the dark clouds at the horizon.

Petrichor laced breeze carried particles of raindrops and caressed my face with nature’s romance that my heart wanted.

She called to remind me about the evening date with coffee and chats.

While walking up the stairs, I realised, she was already waiting for me at thr door. In the first few seconds, she measures my tummy, bald head and my attire.

Today she did not drop her usual affirmation, you have poor fashion sense. She kept her smile and sparks lit up, rendezvous is on.

Plain cappuccino and her sugar free cafe latte arrived. When I started to sip, she said, “Come over here and sit”.

It was a laborious act for my heart and brain to distinguish which is going to take me over.

Her spellbinding scent and that alluring aura was playing with my consciousness. I was drifting between them like a butterfly between flowers. It was magical.

Holding my cup of coffee, I sat down clutching on to your hand locking my fingers around hers.

Hours passed by.
Coffee paid it’s warmth to cold.
Our fingers merged in an embrace that won’t part.
Her hair continuously caressing my bald head giving me more goosebumps to cherish.
I wanted the time to froze, I wanted her more.

Time often wakes up when we least expected it to.
My clock rang, and I released its was the break of the day.
Looking at the ceiling with a question, where is she?

I missed you. I am missing you… My lips whispered.

Quite night turned upside down to a bustling day.

3 responses to “Dreams To Wake Up With”

  1. Hope to have an insightful chat with you tomorrow at my place!


    1. Okay. Lemme know the time


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