Burden of being a Mule.

The enormous flood of emotions I had while watching the Movie “The Mule” is still lingering around me. Highly thought provoking.

We are all mules in our own life. The strings and orientations we develop over the years burden us so much that we start dropping even before we age appropriately.

We are worried about the burning world around us ignoring the fact the our own houses are on fire. We do not foot enough time for our children but have plenty at disposal for social media footprints. We are annoyed about the political circus while brushing differences among kith and kin under the carpet.

Whose burden is it anyway?

My batchmate who shared this may not have thought for a second, what good it would do to others. Everyone has a perspective, it’s perfectly fine.

Another one expressed his concern too.

So I sat down to express mine. What burdens me more and what does not.

I am no more a party, politics, culture, cast or region oriented person.

I am an Indian who criticises governance and not the goverment. Because governance is permanent and the people are not.

I have no religion other than humanity. Children in the incubator and bodies in the mortuary don’t speak religious differences.

I respect a Kashmiri like I respect a Keralite. For me a Gujarati and an Assamese are same.

Learning to live happily within my means and using my energy and knowledge to make a better living for thousands of people who trust me for my professional competence.

Bringing up two kids with values of Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Bharat’s Constitution, still being global citizens.

Sushi and Dhokla does not change my views. Both Patiyala Pegs and Holy Water can do wonders in humans ability to think, I believe.
Cow worshipping and forbidden Pigs are all choices we make to comprehend our core identity.

So I stay away from all these debates and confrontations to avoid imbalancing my life’s tranquility.

Life will go on. I am on the move as always.

3 responses to “Burden of being a Mule.”

  1. Watching debates is sheer wastage of time. A thought provoking article.

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    1. Holy God, “Debate is wastage of time”, I said this to my better half yesterday when she said “I am having a friendly debate with you”.
      Debate can be only for learning if one has the right mindset to unlearn.

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      1. Very well said. My comment was on TV debates in particular. Thanks for your lovely response. Have a good day ahead 🙏

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