Doctor or the Medicine, Who Cured The Patient?

Every day we learn something new. The experience of experimenting with new frontiers of inter personal conflicts is worth documenting. Every new chapter helps us unlearn something that is redundant. Unlearning is a process that requires more focused approach than holistic one.

This write up is a result of an animated conversation i had with my Senior Manager Ms Roman Miranda. Excerpts of the tête-à-tête is my starting point

Roma: “Sir, why did you remove him from the broadcast list of clients?”
Looking at her expression, I realised, she is getting ready for a confrontational debate.

He is over smart, unsatisfied and with an attitude of ‘I Know Everything’. He needs me, not the other way around. He changed from one advisor to me and now moving to another one. In the last 2 years, he changed 4 jobs and now moved to his native place again looking for a new job. Only he knows what he wants from me and from his life. I would rather be without him than adjust myself to his tantrums.

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Roma: “What did you just say, ‘He needs us’. You often say that “We are, because of our Clients”. How contradicting this is. I don’t get it. Can you clarify this completely disconnecting statement you just made.”

Now that I was caught on the wrong foot, I was forced fire all my cylinders to take my point home. Analogies and examples started pumping in to my system like additives helping my injectors to increase the efficiency of the firing. Thence I wore my nonchalance coat and started a question and answer session. I may be wrong or off the mark in many statements, it is not meant to hurt any professional or manufacturer.

Roma, tell me why do we take our parents to Dr. ZYX at a faraway hospital when we have Dr. ABC is just around the corner. Both Docs have same qualification and practices for the same health complication.
Have you ever asked how many marks they scored? Have you ever asked them where they studied to furnish their certificate of excellence? Or is it the hospital that make us go there?

Roma: “We never ask such questions. Though hospital’s infrastructure and facilities do play a part in going there. When it comes to selection of a Doctor, I think we often go by the word of mouth testimonials we hear.”

Well, I completely agree with your observation. Basically, Doc never reached out to you. You found him. Let us assume, you did not like the Doc and never returns. Will this act of you have any impact on his professionalism and reputation? Will you tell people that you made a bad choice? Will your views on the doc with an odds of 1:99 stand a chance to win over all those who trust him?

On the contrary you may try him one more time by giving him the benefit of the doubt. A patient leaving the doctor is personal decision, the other way around is professional decision.

All medicines for an issue are same, but all the ones who prescribe are not same. If medicines were to cure people, prescription wasn’t required. Most of the time, we fail to read the unspoken thoughts and unwritten words a doctor hands over after the consultation. We thank God for curing and go back to the doctor for more helping. Dichotomy of human psychology.

Roma, Now that I went off the track to draw your attention, do you agree to my prognosis about the investor who walked away?

She said: “Both statements are correct. It’s applicability varies from person to person. He could have consulted us to have more clarity on Investments and it’s positioning”.

End of the day, I have no qualms about doing anything wrong with him. I haven’t missed anything as a wealth creator. I tried my best, now let him try an other one to attain his redemption. Financial Freedom also means Freedom to choose an Advisor. But there is no substitute to a doctor, likewise nothing can replace a Financial Advisor.

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3 responses to “Doctor or the Medicine, Who Cured The Patient?”

  1. This is another perspective that is also important. I liked Roma’s version. Thanks 😊

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    1. Thanks Kishore, since we do business together, we earn through experiences and learn through debates.

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      1. You are welcome 🙏

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