An Act of Selflessness, Courage and Generosity

I was getting seriously annoyed about the way Google Girl was taking me around.

I was supposed to visit a client at Sector 6 of Karanjade, Panvel. Somehow Ms. Gg took me to Sector 4 and made take rounds of the same place twice.

Called my client and informed him about what is going on with the location that he shared.

“Come to the Police Station area and I will guide you from there”. He said and hanged up.

At that moment, I noticed this young girl walking past my car attired in a red salwar. Couldn’t see her face but the dress stood out in that sultry atmosphere.

Few steps ahead, she was stopped by a stray dog. First I thought the dog was attacking her. What transpired in the next 3 minutes was an act of courage, selflessness and generosity par excellence.

Red Dressed Beautiful Heart

She opened her steel tiffin box and took out a roti to give it to the dog. The dog took the food and walked on to the footpath and relished it while she watched with sublime grace. She must have head the unspoken words of the dog and felt it’s happiness. After placing the tiffin back in her handbag, she walked away unaware of my presence few metres away.

She did not do that to show anyone. She did that without knowing that there were people watching her act of kindness. It was pure magic, a beautiful moment I felt lucky to have been part of.

Started my car, drove closer to her to thank her for what she did.

“It was so nice of you to do that, stay blessed”.

She had a amazing glow and smile on her face, she said “Thank you” and moved on.

Joy of Giving has amazing impacts on all of us.

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