Corporate Red Tapism & Idiocracy Thrives On

It’s a jungle out there. These air-conditioned concrete forest is filled with Moronish Monsters and Diabolical Dinosaurs. They come in different sizes and colours. Most of them are hard core regionalists and haters of entrepreneurs.

Some of the experiences that I had in the last few months in the corporate circle had left me baffled about what I am doing wrong.
Most of you must be well versed with layers of fancy sounding positions in there.

Earlier, there were only 3 positions to deal with. LDC – Lower Division Clerk, UDC – Upper Division Clerk and an Officer. Now this has exploded and mutated into many positions giving no room to understand that the kind of power that they wield.

Especially when you have to get an issue resolved, they more or less looks same.

Corporate Executives

It starts with a Receptionist – Customer Relations Officer – Relationship Manger – Assistant Manager – Branch Manager – Zonal Manager – Zonal Sales Head – Team Leader – Regional Manager – Compliance Head – State Sales Head – National Sales Head – National Product Head – Dy Vice President etc etc.

In a world, where the customer is spoilt for choices and shifts loyalty to another in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, perturbed by these facts, I decided to escalate the matter to higher levels.

One-on-one discussion with MG, many things came to light, some sarcastic and others as a matter of fact. He said: “Most of these guys are beggers, none has the inventiveness to think above their pay grade, they ask more and give way too less, neither qualified enough nor have the mettle tobe different”.

That free wheeling conversation had a domino effect. Many people who throw their weight around are actually hollow. Clerical mindset is a cancer that consumes major part of an entrepreneur’s life.

I learnt one big lesson walking on this tight rope created by corporate houses, that is “Never talk about your problems to the ‘Nobody’s’ of the system”.

Some of them do not like to be named. They fear for their job and inflated ego.

Some do not like to be shown to the world around me. They fear for their so-so knowledge being exposed.

End of the day, I retire with a painful after thought, “Never Promote Unworthy People”.

#LetsMakeWealthTogether, Health and Happiness will Follow. My favourite tag line, which I firmly believe is mostly misunderstood by these bunch of idiots.

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