The Day of Veil Nebula and Whining Nifty

Late night meetings and drive kept me in bed a little longer than usual. She captured the moment of state with a thousand unspoken words.

Pillow Sleeping on Me, for a Change.

By 9:30 I had my prognostic moment about the unfolding of the day in numbers. The script was ready, lead actor Sensex and actress Nifty already came through many retakes in the last few shooting days.

The crew was getting impatient and I had the inkling of a major breakdown in the making. Hence I wrote……

Thanks to Warren Buffett

After posting this I settled down with my laptop. It blinked open with a magnificent constellation picture by Robert Gendler in @GettyImages. Absolutely mesmerizing.

HP Laptop Screensaver

Witch’s Broom in the Western Veil of the Veil Nebula, it is part of the remnants of a star 20 times the size of our sun that went supernova, exploding roughly 8,000 years ago. Thank you @Microsoft & @bing

By the time, I came back from a meeting, both actors messed up the plot as expected. February gave hope after hope and March took away all that and gave despair, dejection and damages to wealth.

One Among the Many I Received

That reply was my first spontaneous repartee to lighten up the atmosphere. I am not a Stock Market expert, but I know how it works. Hence it is Market Analysis of #MalfunctionsOfMyBrain.

Let the stock market bleed.
Bleeding is “New Energy in the Making”.
To become an extraordinary investor, one has to have the ability to identify opportunities.j

The moment of reckoning is when you stand strong againt the crisis unfolding before you.
Never wilt under pressure. This is the only Investing tip I can give.

End of The Day

Tomorrow we will restart our shooting with a new perspective and script. Until then Ciao

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