Entrepreneurship Is Blooming Possibilities For Others

We are just 2 days away from another Financial Year. One of the most difficult FYs I have faced in my life. Hope of a better future was the only candle we kept lit all these 12 months. When I look back, I can see pain and strain in every sector. Adjusting to losses and standing up against invisible threats has made us stronger than ever.

Thence I thought about penning my observations. My experiences of running a company. How my team weathered the storm and made it to the top list. Lot has been done, lot need to be done too.

Entrepreneurship is not a single action an individual has to perform deliberately. It is often the impact of doing small things right from the beginning and joining them together to create a new one to everyone’s advantage.


Willingness to work on an impossible idea is the first step. Most of the time vision looks unrealistic because visionaries are not accepted at face value. The perspective of end result is like a never ending tunnel. One’s tenacity to believe that the end is going to be good is the second step.

An idea becomes obsolete the moment you share that with your team. That means, “The Idea” needs to have a new life and energy from every member of the team. Technically the team tends and blossoms it for the mass. This collective effort makes every entrepreneurial venture a success.

One of the reasons for many start-up’s fail,, is not because the idea was outdated, but mostly because of the teams’ “Salaried Class Mindset”. The concept of 500% output does not exist with young generations. Millennials or Gen – Y workforce are the most difficult ones to comprehend this fact.

“I wont take the oars of a fellow oarsman, that is not my job”. Not stepping in for a missing colleague or supporting the one with lesser acumen to maintain the buoyancy of the ship is something that makes the ship sink. Here I found Gen -X is much better than Gen – Y. Unfortunately the X’s are outnumbered by the Y’s and always at loggerheads with the old-fashioned practices.

Few things that I am planning to implement in my business is to break down the 12 months from April to 52 weeks.
Weekly Performance to be mapped to Monthly Targets.
Monthly Performance to be clubbed to Quarterly Targets.
Corrective measures to be taken at the end of every quarter, a failure here accumulates to a disaster midway through the year. By all means let us avoid a situation of systemic failure. Make every week be a building block for every month end.

“#LetsMakeWealthTogether, Health and Happiness will Follow”. This is what I wish to practice going forward.
I often tell every investor to be patient. Target bigger goals. Make every second and penny count for you. Use the bridge that we have built together to its true potential.

Lets Make Wealth Together!

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