I Need a Break! Seriously?

The Trigger. Unwittingly though.

She is an amazing dancer. I follow her because of the passion that she emits while dancing. It’s not an acquired talent, it is one that is  engraved in her DNA.

Our conversation started with my comment on her post. Excerpts.

My comment: I won’t agree with you there.
Over working happens on three counts.
1. Incompetency
2. Wrong Company
3. Working for salary.

She: I completely agree uncle. But isn’t that the sad part. Sometimes people have to work for salary and don’t have an option to work for something they’re passionate about.

Me: When people are not passionate enough on what they do, they find no time for anything else in the world.
Be it personal or professional.

I have been working 15 hours a day, since last 20 years .

She: That’s what I meant. If you’re happily working these 20 years, that’s great!
But I genuinely feel we’ll all need a break some day!

Me: In Malayalam an adage suits here, “Ullathu Kondu Onam Pole”. Means, celebrate life with what you have. If Salary is what is important to an individual, then S/he must turn themselves into a happy mode by being part of the work culture they are “blessed with”.

I have seen many people forget that blessing and keep cribbing about toxic ambience in work place. A visit to job sites or a casual chat in friends group will help people understand the dark patches of being unemployed.

There are millions out there without a job. Easy availability of job would have created unavailability of job portals. Dream job? That is a pipe dream. It takes time to realise that fact.

I have come across the following types of attitude in young job seekers
It starts with ‘anything for a job’. That is Need based.
‘I can’t work this much for the firm.’ Arrogance based.
‘I deserve better than this.’ Want based.
‘I may not get better than this, may be worse’. Reality based.
And lastly, ‘I am Blessed With a job’. Being kind and humble based.

“Blessed with” is that one yardstick with which employed ones can feel the difference in their work place. Measure up, you will be measured. Usher up, you will be ushered. Everything in the world is “Give and Take”. Job is probably the only thing where this is reversed.

Blessing can’t be considered as a curse. Becoming passionate is just around the corner. No one stops individuals from taking that turn.

I have only one complaint, that is Why only 24 hours a day?…………. It should have been 30 hours. Additional 6 hours would have got me more time to add value to the needy.

Youngsters don’t understand the concept of 500% of performance. They are taught to become 100 percentile performing. This is how I describe performance. No task master required if this matrix is understood.

1st 100% = For giving you Earning Power.
2nd 100% = For the Entrepreneur who created the opportunity
3rd 100% = For the Foundation of the Firm
4th 100% = For Performance Incentive
5th 100% = For Building a Team Under You.

That quiet demeanour before getting a job turns in to full of bukwas and bukchodi when people get societal recognition. Snap…snap….wake up!

I need a break is overrated. To earn a break time one has to give break time to someone above and many below you. Universal truth. That is the cycle I follow.

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a budding journalist from Navi Mumbai. He was on full Josh talking about one of relative and his patriotism. Blah blah blah blah.
Conversation came to an abrupt end when I asked him, “Will his patriotism be still live if the Govt stops paying him a Salary.” True patriots don’t get salary, they get good wishes and a sustenance allowance.

My break and happiness time is when I become the reason for lighting their stove for cooking a meal for beloved family. That is my purpose of birth, the patriotism on my shoulders and the sweat marks on my sleeves.

Just penning my thoughts.

2 responses to “I Need a Break! Seriously?”

  1. Absolutely true Antony
    Am with you 💯 percent

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Ashok Ji.
    That is a huge motivation to pen


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