Gift of Life and Gift of Wealth, a Perspective.

Life and Wealth are two unique gifts we receive from our parents. This has deeper meanings and comes with responsibilities and legacy. Every experience adds values to our life and makes us what we are. Then at one juncture our siblings takes over the job of value addition. In my life, this is done by my younger sister.

Today I thought about penning two such beautiful moments I experienced so far in 2021. Both are very unique in nature and in their envisaged outcome. When we try something new with full conviction, the probability of failure doesn’t exist. Theoretically we have done the major part by planning every details. Now it is just a matter of executing it to its perfection.

Being an entrepreneur, I love that niche space I get to experiment with my clients’ emotional quotient. This is not new, this is as old as the universe. Every scripture mentions these practices. Practice Makes You Perfect, so goes the saying. Make Investments a Habit, I often say so. Celebrate wealth creation.

All started with a message from Sumit. He is a Major in the Indian Army and was posted in an undisclosed location in North India. We connected at around 22:30 and the request was very simple. “I want to gift something to my younger brother. I thought I will discuss with you.”

We discussed a lot of gift materials. Watches, Cufflinks, Belts, Purses and Shoes, huh, the usual stuff. Then I proposed something that I have done for my kids. “Sumit, instead of these, why not gifting him some Bluechip Company Shares? This will not only be unique but also keeps him hooked to its value movements.” This was a hit. He accepted it as conceptually classic.

Took his brothers G-Pay and transferred the money from my personal account. I called him up and said: “Some money must have got credited to your account, I am doing something for you. Please follow my instructions.” There was absolutely unblemished trust between them and my team. Since this was to be kept as a secret birthday gift, I dramatised a bit. The result was amazing too.

Birthday Card

Thank you so much sir for everything 🤗.
Wasn’t expecting a surprise like this.
Sorry couldn’t respond earlier as the Internet services was suspended here.
But thanks a ton for this amazing plan and for all the profits I have been making on my mutual funds so far wouldn’t have been possible without you and Roma 🙏.
Arun Wrote.

In my early days of Financial Advisory life, I have read lots of stories about Europeans, especially Americans, practicing a habit of gifting shares to their kids and grandchildren on their birthdays, I used to wonder, what must have prompted them to give away gifts life that?

When Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, Walmart, Hathaway, Visa like companies can deliver 1000’s of percentiles of growth, why Indians cannot do the same with our Nifty 50 stocks and Mutual Funds. This thought about this concept of Jithne ka Cake Uthne ka Investment” (Invest the same amount you spent on cake on birthdays. On an average we celebrate 8 birthdays 3 anniversaries in our life. Why not make them count for future too. Rs 500 cake, Rs 500 investment. It is not complicated.

Last week SBI Manager Mr Sudhir Kumar Singh, my client for 15 years, called me just to know “What is happening?” Freewheeling conversation that followed kept us connected for 26 min. Family, Kids Education, Stock Market, Concepts of Investing and my blogs. When I discussed this subject as my next write up, he said, “Implementing it right away.”

This week Mr Anirudh is celebrating his 25th birthday. This amazing, soft spoken, young engineer will be receiving Rs. 50000/- worth shares we have picked up according to the instructions his father gave us. Here it is Jithne ka Cake Uthne ka++ Investment”.

Birthday Gift

The purpose of our life is to bring change. At this juncture, I am content. I know, I have miles to cross before this concept sets in to a social movement of financial inclusion. I am very sure, many financial advisors will talk about this concept of Celebration with Investments.

**Caveat Emptor: These concepts are based on my personal and their “Risk – Reward Ratio”. These stocks mentioned are not a recommendation to buy or sell. You must talk to your Financial Advisor before venturing into such high risk asset classes.

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    A unique thought.. and practically doable smart action.

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