Are you a Teacher?

As a Wealth Creator through Financial Products, I ask myself, how much more I need to learn to be a good teacher.

Being Student

Last week when I was conducting a training class for Roma and team, I asked a simple question. “Are you all Teachers? 5th September is Teachers Day; hence I want to know if you all qualify as one.”

The surprised look said it all. After looking at each other for someone to open up and answer in vain, they said in unison “No Way! We are not teachers. How can we be?”

Perfect, I know, none of you are teachers in the parlance of Books of Education. You all are Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers doing Risk Assessment and distribution of investments based on Asset Allocation.

Have you all discussed these complicated subjects with your Existing Investors and Prospective ones?
Saving before Spending.
Law of Averages.
Delay Cost.
Annual Compounding.
Relative Science of Economy and Growth.
Elimination Theory.
Micro and Macro data for Smart Alpha.
Cost of Loss of Life.
Expense of Living Too Long.
Saving to Spend on Health Care.
Legacy of Wealth.
Last but not the least, have you spoken about Relationships and Trust based on Values?

Roma had a starry-eyed glow. Akshay looked like he was about enter a new realm. Ruchita was holding her cheeks without blinking. Dipesh was lost in the void. Then they said, “Yes we have been teaching them all this all these while but never realised it though.”

What I realised through uncountable journeys and the lessons I learned in my life is, we are all students for our entire life and we can be teachers too for the same period allotted to us as human beings. The whole purpose of our life is to pass on whatever we can, to people we meet. The only thing that one has to do is learn first.

Though we are Mutual Funds, Stock Market and Insurance sellers, we are simply more than that, we teach every individual to manage risk within their limits.

SEBI may find it difficult to recognise this fact. Many more such wonderful things that we do to make life a joyful one for every earning and non-earning members of a family goes unnoticed. They prefer to call us distributors, risk assessors, insurance agents, clerks and fund sellers.

Today, on this auspicious day, I wish to launch a special campaign on a subject from the world of Wealth Creation – Salary and Income.

Salary and Income

By this what I wish to create is an awareness of having passive income along with active salary. Setting the targets based on goals are more important to attain Financial Independence.

If you earn ₹50000 Salary, then allow “your money” to earn for you. To start with you should have ₹12500 as your Monthly Income/Growth.

First Target – Contentment = 25% Income.
Second Target – Happiness = 50% Income.
Third Target – Joy = 100% Income.
Fourth and Final Target – Euphoria = Joy of Giving it to Society.

You cannot give something that you don’t have. Therefore Create First, Become Generous, Receive Returns in Abundance.

Everything is possible with simple methods and hard-core beliefs. This is a journey that I wish to undertake for you all. Making Money is never my priority, but Making Wealth is indeed one.

Me, Roma and My Team are here to help you understand this concept and plan it.

#LetsMakeWealthTogether, #LetsProtectWealthTogether, Health and Happiness will Follow.

Three very important people in my life who answered to the question.

The Answers.

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