For Investing, Age is Just a Number

She was born on 1st June 1946. Economics Graduate from Assumption College Kerala. Married to Retired Senior Inspector of Kerala Police (Late) Mr TG Mathew. Blessed with 3 daughters, who gave her 5 grandchildren.

Today She started her investments in Equity Mutual Funds under my firm’s guidance at a sweet age of 75. Goal Planned is “Mathew’s Legacy” with a target amount of Rs 1,00,00,000 by the year 2039. Felt proud to have opened her Demat Account with NJ India Invest and now on a journey to build Wealth for the Third Generation.

When Should One Start Investing?
This is often clouded with pessimistic thoughts about Risk, Advisory, Credibility of Investment Vehicle, Taxation and Management. Instead of all these what every individual should have is Optimism towards a Brighter Future. Hence, when you start at the age of 5 or 75, build a positive vibration around the wealth creation you are planning. I am sure All’s Gonna be Well.

Goal Planning by Trackfinder

Why Should One Invest?
It takes lots of efforts to Create Wealth, in that journey, as an investor you will find, Money is just one part of that the whole thing. I have nothing to Invest for is a lame excuse completely ignoring the world around you. Learn to leave a mark while you can.

“Investing Requires Qualities of Temperament Way More Than it Requires Qualities of Intellect.” Warren Buffett

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