Who Wanna Be A Millionaire?

I can see that glow and smile on your face, yes indeed most of us want to be a Lakhpati (Millionaire).

Does India have that most admired tagline of the west “I Wanna Be A Millionaire”.
Last 6 months I have been talking to young and old about the magical figure of Rs. 10 Lakhs value in their investments portfolio to feel like “A Millionaire”.

I consider this as one of the influential booster dose to our confidence. Millionaire, younger the better. Planning right is the key to this tag. Bring them into this or individually walk into this as young as possible. Plans your Goals with Trackfinder-NJ.

Wealth Creation My Way

After multiple calls from Mr Singh, I was forced to walk out of a Zoom learning session to return him a call.

“Mr Antony, my Rs. 5 Lakhs investment has become Rs. 7 Lakhs in a very short time. I am worried about the Valuations, Market Crash, Volatility and Economic Slowdown. Should we take out the money and wait for the corrections?”

“Mr Singh, wow! That is a cool Market Analysis. Frankly I was not aware that you are an economist. That is very impressive knowledge on India and her growth potential. Now Sensex is 57500, we will exit now and reinvest when it touches 75000”.

Mr Antony, Aap kya mazak kar rahe ho?

“Singh Ji, India is not Afghanistan. India is still developing and going to be a Multi-Trillion rupees Nation. We are 140bn enthusiastic and hard working people. Unfortunately that includes few lakhs of anti-Indians. It’s okay to be pessimistic. There is always time to learn and mend your ways to become a Millionaire”.

This kind of conversations are a daily affair in my life. Under the constant barrage of negativity, one needs to be extremely positive in order to generate wealth not only for my trusted clients but also for me and my team. A Million Millionaires is what I always dreamt about. In this endeavour I pick stocks and mutual funds with absolute clarity.

Many of my clients complain to me about “Not Giving Them Opportunity with Tips and Calls” to help them make money in the quickest way. Most of them prefer to have intraday calls, option trading, Bitcoins and many other fancy products than symbol vanilla wealth creation process.

Becoming a millionaire is probably easy with a little bit of help from family and personal earnings. Then, without proper guidance, people either become Appreciating Millionaire or a Depreciating Millionaire. #AdvisorZarooriHai, for some it’s a joke, for the rest it is a lifeline.

Start your journey with a Balanced Approach. Turn Aggressive, when the situation demands. Move into a Conservative Portfolio, when you are advised to do so.

Balanced Hai Tou Behatar Hai is a simple idea taken seriously to mitigate of risk.

NJ Balanced Advantage Fund

Learn from us how to Become a Millionaire. I am sure, all your dreams will fall into place.

4 responses to “Who Wanna Be A Millionaire?”

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    Nice to be with you

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    1. Touched by your kind words

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      1. Surely want to be in the list of your Miliion Millionaires.

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      2. You are welcome, wholeheartedly.

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