My Past Experience Leading Me To The Future

This was written for the sole purpose of promoting International Investments through DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund. “Mutual Funds Investments are subject to Market Risk,” Govt asked me to tell you this before you invest, however in the last 19 years, I am yet to see this said Risk, time is the risk.

Hope you all are doing well. I thought about penning my “Past Experience and Thoughts about The Future” to you today.

Experience from the Past
Small Cap Fund Launched: 16 Sep 2010 (Could not start my SIP at NFO)

10 Jan 2011: Started SIP, NAV 9.86 (which was considered as a non-performing Fund)

10 Sep 2013: Rs. 32000 Invested, Rs. 30049 Value, NAV 8.84, ROI -6.10%

11 Jan 2022: Rs. 129000 Invested, Rs. 599337 Value, NAV 90.38, ROI 364.61%

Thoughts about The Future – 27 Jan 2032
Let me teleport myself to 2032 to narrate my point. A kind of future self.
I am sending you this message a decade early.
10-Years back investors who loved Small Cap Funds looked the most ridiculous.
Trust me, today I am doing great, and thanks to all patience and prudence on my Goal-based long-term investments.

The world in the future will be completely a techno-savvy one.
The massive advancements happening around us in many fields are beyond our wildest imagination. Innovation is truly taking the future by storm.

I wish you to have no regrets when you reach there.
Now, in 2022, We are giving you an opportunity to invest in the future through DSP Global Innovation Fund to help you achieve more in 2032.

Let me tell you, I regret not investing more in Small Cap Fund, wish I could go back in time and change that. But I can’t.

Today I do hope that you would start a SIP in this fund so that you can reap the benefits of all these innovations in your future. This fund will give you exposure to small companies across the globe.

Future is bright
Warm Regards,
Antony Trackfinder

You can contact: +91 9969828224, +91 77770927212, +91 7400406212, +91 7400404212

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