Value Investor Ki Khoj Me! (In Search of)

Has worry ever helped? Worrying only helped our enemies of all forms. If you continue to worry about smaller things, your health will end up paying a price.
You need to wake up that child in you who always enjoyed the rollercoaster ride in an amusement park. Fun is not while it is going up, it is when it comes down.

Essentialism is walking away from the trivial many to find the essential few. When I am in blues, I love to hear “Let Her Go – by Passenger”. This song speaks about value. Value is only when you pay a Price.

If I have to beam this thought into Mutual Funds & Stock Market, I would say, both have to fall for you to make more money.

Fall in Market, Lowers the NAV.
Helps you Buy More Units at a Cheap Price for Value Averaging.
(Key Words are highlighted.)

I wish you to answer me with these basic details, these are not questions. Just discussions for the greater good.

1. When you invest Rs. 10000 in MF, what do you get, Price or Units?
2. When you invest Rs. 10000 x 12 months, what do you have, Price or Units?
3. When your valuation moves up/down/up (Volatility) what is constant, Price or Units?
4. When you are continuously investing, what are you accumulating, Price or Units?
5. When you have Units, what do you hold, Price or Value?
6. What is important, Price or Value?

There are 3- Idiots. 2 of them said these for the 3rd one.

“Take a simple idea, take it seriously.” Charlie Munger.
(SIP, Trust, and Staying on Course are simple ideas that you need to take seriously.)

“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett.
(When we yo-yo between Price and Value, we never make wealth. You are the Value that your parents paid a Price for.)

We are the 3rd idiots.

SIP it Slowly

Trust me and Trackfinder Team, we got this. We are in complete control of the actions we have taken so far with regard to investments and portfolio restructures. We are neither too excited nor too cautious. We take stock of things as it happens and keep you contained from risk. Stay with us. We are here for you.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder

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