The Thin Line Between Attitude to Invest and Habitual Investing.

If you have FOMO of the Stock Market, then it is often due to the over-smartness embedded in you. It has no connection with the resources available around you.

“Mulla Poompodi Ettu Kidakkum Kallinumundam Oru Sourabhyam.* A Malayalam adage translates into – ‘The stone near the Jasmine will bear its fragrance too.’ Your association with people regulates the potentiality of growth in you.

If you think that you missed the stock market, trust me, this is definitely not the first time, it won’t be the last time either. This is a never-ending vicious cycle until your steadfast belief in Economy and Equity succeeds.  

Philosophy never made anyone rich, actions made them. An overdose of Investment Philosophy can freeze your behavioural psychology by activating Fight -or-Flight reactions. Be it fight or flight, both are dangerous in nature for your wealth-building journey.

Greed is a major driving force in investment decisions. It is derived from some simple thoughts. “What the other person has at present and I do not have”. “I want to do everything to have it all in the future.” This is the fundamental of all greed-driven actions and the individual’s inability to comprehend contentment.

If you think that you know everything, then Bull and Bear of the Stock market will run over you. The Tiger lurking in the Economy will pin you down. Rollercoaster Volatility will give you butterflies in your stomach.

A lot of my Investors who read the WhatsApp status instantly liked it. Some of them did because they took action at an appropriate time. Some are feeling the pinch of not taking any at all.

SImPle Habits Wins

What Do We Do?
One benchmark – One fund – Multiple entries is the doctrine that we continue to advocate. Trackfinder has been successful in that.

Capturing every major index with a right proportion based on Age, Income and Time has paramount importance to negate probable loss.

One of the basic lessons of wealth creation is investing when the price is right and its value is still holding the fort.

Periodical restructure is a mandatory constituent of portfolio management. It is not Buy High and Sell Low not even the reverse. It is more than that.

Investing is never to be considered as a risk; time designated for a particular investment can be the only risk waiting to happen.

Your ingressed attitude towards everything can break you.
Your accrued habit towards everything can make you.
Habits Maketh a Person.

Actions to be taken
Stay invested in your present portfolio.
Talk to your financial advisor and correct the portfolio if there is an imbalance.
Increase SIP if you can, for a short period of time at least.
Reduce your overexposure to high-risk stocks.

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