What I analyzed about my life.

I am like a small ship ferrying lots of people with dreams.

Risk management is the ammunition I carry to protect them.

I wont rest until I reach the destination.

My determination is the sail I host.

My investors trust is the fuel and adrenalin I have.

Rough sea does not make me tired.

Predatory sharks and sharp Icebergs wont stop my journey.

If dreams had wings, then you are looking at that one. I am blessed with amazing people around who have become wind under my wings.

My team becomes my strength to fly higher.

With utmost humility, I aspire to be one that left a mark on some people’s life on this beautiful earth.

I started believing in myself to be the advisor of Million Millionaire investors.

My financial independence is a Trackfinder Team self-reliant and sufficient.

My words may have hurt a lot of people, but my actions seldom does.

Being wealthy around like-minded people is what I dream about, not feeling rich.

I pray, I never become a “I, Me, Myself” person.

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